01 Apr

After Tenancy Cleaning vs. General Cleaning

How do you clean a unit after a tenant moves out? Many landlords will call the usual cleaning guy, who will do general cleaning in the usual way focusing on the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The landlord then keeps wondering why the unit has stayed vacant for 2 months. The simple answer is that prospective clients are turned off by an unhygienic place. Stains on the floor, dust on the ceiling, and oil grime in the oven and lime scale of the shower curtain are some of the signs that tell prospective tenants to stay away. While the usual general cleaning makes a house reasonably clean, after tenancy cleaning is needed for top to bottom cleaning. How does this differ from the usual general cleaning?

Cleaning tasks in the living room

  • Vacuuming the carpets rugs and steam cleaning if necessary
  • Dusting the ceiling
  • Wiping, cleaning and polishing hard furniture surfaces
  • Dusting and steam cleaning the curtains and upholstery
  • Removing stains on the floor and walls
  • Dusting, wiping and polishing glass and mirror surfaces

Cleaning tasks in the bedrooms

  • Dusting the ceiling
  • Decluttering the bedroom wardrobes and cabinets as well as bedside cabinets
  • Taking off any beddings
  • Wiping and polishing light switches, wall pictures, skirting and other visible surfaces
  • Wiping and polishing the window glass panes and other mirrors in the bedroom
  • Polishing metallic surfaces e.g. metallic bed heads, door knobs and cabinet handles
  • Mopping hard floor

Cleaning tasks in the kitchen

  • Decluttering all kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • Degreasing and cleaning the oven including wiping and polishing the outer surface
  • Cleaning the extractor, removing all the grime
  • Emptying and cleaning the fridge including removing mould and mildew
  • Cleaning kitchen sinks and faucets including removing lime scale
  • Cleaning other appliances including the toaster, kettle and dishwasher
  • Clearing and disinfecting the trash can

Cleaning tasks in the bathroom

  • Clearing and cleaning off lime scale and soap scum from the shower screen
  • Degreasing, cleaning and disinfecting the shower area, bathtub and the hand sink
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet bowl including clearing stubborn water stains
  • Clearing and cleaning the sink and shower drains
  • Wiping and polishing bathroom mirrors
  • Vacuuming and hoovering bathroom rugs

Engaging a professional after tenancy cleaning service is highly advisable. This is because a cleaning service has the cleaning materials, tools and the manpower needed to handle such a job.

Doing proper after tenancy cleaning has several benefits for you as a landlord. It ensures that your housing unit is occupied at sooner and keeps your rental income flowing in.

31 Mar

The interesting facts about Algebra

Learning algebra can be tedious for most people. However, algebra can be fascinating and straightforward if you get to learn the rules of doing the various operations.

The following are the exciting facts of algebra that will make you wonder. Did you know algebra is used in solving most real problems?

The Word Algebra and the Subject

This word algebra is derived from an Arabic word “al-jebr” which means the reunion of broken parts. It was extracted from a title of a book “Hidab al- jabrwal- muqubala” by a mathematician in Arab-Mohammed ibn-Musa in 825 AD. The algebraic subject itself dated back to 1900BC and was believed to have been started by the Babylonians.


Algebra is a frequent subject in most schools all over the world. The mathematician who specializes in real algebra is known as an algebraist. If you think the concept of algebra is making your head spin, well it makes some people run crazy.

Basketball and Algebra

Did you know the game of basketball is associated with the subject of algebra? For instance, Tim Chartier, the associate math professor at Davidson College made an algebraic formula for the NCAA basketball tournament. Apart from that, the legendary 24-second shot was developed using an algebraic equation.

The Rules of Algebra

Do you know all the rules of algebra? These clear rules and formulas are very crucial in understanding the concepts algebra. You will solve algebraic equations if you master these rules.

Stages of Algebra

There are three known stages of algebra syncopated algebra, symbolic algebra, and rhetorical algebra. With the help of Francois Viete, a French mathematician, the modern day algebra was made a subject of mathematics at the end of 16th century.

Algebra and Hollywood 

Are you in love with Hollywood movies? These movies are inspired by algebra. For example, Tom Hanks, a character in the most famous film “Big “ is seen helping a kid do his algebra assignment while applying the concept of basketball.


Algebra in Other Fields

Apart from mathematics, algebra is also applicable in other areas like engineering, science, and medicine. It means algebra is a significant subject.

Addition and Subtraction

The negative and positive signs are the major elements of an algebraic equation. These operations were discovered back in the 16th century, and they have proved to be significant in solving most algebraic equations. Before their discovery, people used written words in representing these signs.

It’s The Oldest Subject

Algebra is not a new subject in the modern world. If it bothers you in school, then you must change your attitude. Egyptians used these complex equations of algebra to find the areas of circles.

Remember it was discovered back in 3000 BC.

30 Mar

Steps on How to Learn Algebra

Learning the basics of algebra can be very frightening to most people. But did you know learning algebra is elementary and exciting?

You have to be keen on the instructions and the order for completing the parts of the equation and ensure you are organized to avoid any mathematical mistakes.

Review Your Basic Math Skills

Before learning any algebra, get to know the necessary mathematical skills like addition, subtraction and multiplication, and division. Without the mastery of these essential skills, it will be difficult to grasp the more complex ideas of algebra. To understand Algebra quickly, avoid using a calculator in your operations.

Understand the Order of the Operations

The most challenging part of solving an algebraic equation to a beginner is how to start. The advantage is there is an order for solving these problems efficiently. The standard order is parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

It is crucial to consider that without following the necessary order, the answers of your equation will not be correct.

Get To Know How to Use Negative Numbers

The use of negative numbers in Algebra is a norm. On that note, before solving any algebra equations, know how to perform all negative operations ranging from subtraction to multiplication. Note that adding more negative numbers will make the final number more negative. Apart from that, two negative signs will cancel out.

Be Organized

To solve your algebraic problems efficiently, always learn to be held. Simple algebra problems are easy to answer, but more sophisticated problems will require many steps. To avoid any errors in your work, start a new line every time you make a step in solving the problem.

Understand Variables

After understanding the basics of algebra and successful making various operations, it`s high time you learn more complicated things known as the variables. Variables are those characters that are symbols and letters. They usually shoe numbers with unknown values.

The primary goal of solving an algebraic problem is to find the value of the variable. To make your work easy, think the variable as an unknown number that you are striving to find.

Watch For Those Recurring Variables

To make your process of solving your algebraic problem leisurely, simplify the variables if they appear more than once. Take these variables as standard numbers, and you can perform all the operations on them ranging from addition to multiplication. However, you should only combine those variables that are alike. If you stick to these steps, you are sure to solve your algebra problems with no difficulty at all.