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Rules of Algebra Integers

Algebra integers are whole numbers that cannot be presented with decimals as they come with no fractions. Integers can either have positive or negative values. Integers are positive if their values are higher than zero. Conversely, integers whose values are less than zero are called negative integers. In this case, zero is neither negative nor […]

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Rounding Decimal Worksheets for Secondary School Students

Rounding numbers means shorten the decimals of a number. It is important for preserving vital figures in calculations and to memorize long numbers. Rounding numbers have some implication in real life. It is used to solve the discrepancy between decimal and fractions, change results of multiplication, calculating taxes, and many more. Considering that there are […]

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How Place Value Chart Help Children Learning Place Value

Place value is important to identify and calculate numbers. It deals with how Hindu-Arabic base-ten number system is understood. This knowledge is necessary for children because by understanding place value, they are able to solve various math problems. However, children often have difficulty to use this knowledge. Luckily, there are there is a place value […]

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Using Math Worksheets to Improve your Algebra

Algebra is probably the most difficult subject to learn at school. Children often find it difficult learn math problems. It is no wonder that parents always try to find some solutions to cope with this problem. One of the solution is to provide the children with math worksheets. The worksheets are very helpful to improve […]

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